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A Healthy, More Secure Life Is Within Reach

Find Benefits that meet your Lifestyle Needs!

Benefits shouldn't be this difficult...

or this expensive!

We've all seen it coming...there is a health insurance crisis in America!  


For many, the costs have spiraled out of control and traditional Benefits are only accessible for catastrophic life events. A recent study conducted by the Kaiser Foundation found the average family of 4 pays $2,400 per month in out-of-pocket costs.  More than the average mortgage!

Larger companies have an advantage over small businesses and their employees. There are options, but few know about them.

Indigo Care Partners believes we all deserve better. We continue to find options to fit your needs. It's a challenge, but we believe together...we can do better!

Indigo offers a Chamber and Association Program!

Benefits and Resources for every life

Uninsured, Under-insured, or just wanting new options!

"She just didn't think this kind of thing really happens..."

K's Mom

"K" was 26, a new professional graduate, and happy to be on her own. In taking a new job and moving, she learned she'd be uncovered for 6 weeks. She felt the risk was low, being young and healthy. A simple earache and standard treatment generated a $2,200 bill from an urgent care center...

"He thought they had made it to the golden years!  Now, he's fearful for their future..."

D's Advisor

"D" owns and operates his family business for 40 years. He and his wife were looking forward to retirement...until he was diagnosed with Parkinsons. At health insurance renewal time, he learned his monthly premium for just he and his wife would exceed $2000/mo with an $8,000 deductible... 

"She wasn't offered an alternative...and was shocked to find out telehealth counseling was available..."

J's Good Friend

"J" teenager daughter suffers from anxiety. She called for an appointment and was told her daughter would need to wait several months to get in. She was extremely concerned and felt her daughter needed help now...

Being healthier starts with a fire inside...

Healthy Living. Healthy Behaviors.

Let’s Get Healthy!

Healthy living at your fingertips.

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